Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Random Thoughts, 9/2

Funny that In-N-Out Burger isn't in Oregon yet. They say that it is because they don't want to grow too fast, but it's silly since obviously everybody wants them.

But then again, remember what happened to Krispy Kreme. They made the big hullabaloo about finally having Krispy Kreme in Portland, and the hype didn't stick around. We still have two stores, and they do good business, but it's not so big a deal any more.

Interesting "facts" about In-N-Out:

1) For me, I am only "in and out" if I am lucky. They usually forget my order and I have to wait an extra ten to fifteen minutes. But it only seems to happen to me.

2) Their burgers are good. Their sauce is really good. But overall, their food is really kinda ho-hum. It's worth eating if you are in California, but more for the novelty of it than actual taste value.

3) Their fries are hand cut. Some people say that this is healthier, but these are lies. I work in the french fry business, and I can't go into too many specifics. But do you know why, when you get fries at In-N-Out or Five Guys, that the fry bag is so oily at the bottom? It's because the fries weren't blanched (a process that petrifies the surface of the fry so that it doesn't soak in the oils when cooked). On other fast food fries, the oils are on the outside only; on hand cut fries with no blanching, they are throughout. More oil equals more fat, and more fat equals less healthy.

4) "John 3:16" is on the bottom of each of their cups. This is cool. They haven't backed down from their Christian witness. So that is a very good thing about them.

Hopefully you're In-N-Out craving hasn't gotten worse. Because honestly, mine has.

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