Sunday, August 31, 2014

Random Thoughts, 8/31

Haven't written many random thoughts lately. It's kind of unfortunate, considering I think I have some sort of hole in the bottom of my head and all the brilliant ideas tend to fall out. They don't usually stick around long enough to be remembered. Not that most of my ideas are that brilliant. They're usually pretty stupid.

I have a Seattle Mariners outfielder Dustin Ackley Gnome. (I still owe the kid who gave it to me a bag of peach rings. I even have the peach rings.) The gnome sits proudly on my shelf next to my Matt Kemp bobblehead (LA Dodgers outfielder). I just got a Felix Hernandez Bobblehead to go along with them. Now they'll have more company, as I'm sure Dustin and Matt are bored sick with each other. Lol.

But anyway, back to the gnome.

Of course I keep the boxes and try to maintain the mint condition as much as I can. The gnome box is still on the table in my office (which only seems to accumulate all the piles of junk I am just too lazy to put away. Which is why I intend to simply remove the table and not make it that easy for me to be so lazy.)

I have a TriMet operators' stocking cap.

I didn't steal it. It was given to me by my youth pastor, who found it in the parking lot of our church. It took a year before I got it because his wife wanted to wash it and present it to me so I could see my expression. Unfortunately, the grand revealing never happened according to plan. But I did get the hat.

The hat was in my car, which also tends to accumulate junk until I have to get more people than two in it. Which is what happened when my dad and my friend Lane went up to Seattle with me to get the aforementioned Felix bobblehead. I had some pants stored in the car, since in Oregon you never know if the shorts will suffice or you will need the jeans, or vice versa. But they had been in there for awhile. So I took them out to wash them. I decided to have the hat washed too.

So today I walked into my office and I saw the gnome box with the TriMet hat draped over it to dry. And words came out of my mouth that I wasn't expecting.

"Why is there a hat on my gnome box?"

It struck me funny. It was a strange thing to say. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that that particular sentence was probably never said by anyone ever. It was something novel. It made me feel special because I had the opportunity to say words nobody has ever said before.

I hope I have the opportunity to say words that are special to someone someday that actually have some importance to reality, more than a hat on a gnome box. Like "Jesus loves you" or "Will you marry me?"

But until that happens, I will just be content with my gnome box opportunity.

I also realize I must have too much time on my hands.

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