Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Denver 2013: Day 1

I decided that it would be a cool idea to make a daily log of trip to Denver this year. I mean, somebody out there would probably find it interesting. And from what I've learned about vacations, they are rarely boring. So here is my Denver travelogue. I hope you enjoy it.

Ahh, my first ever plane flight by myself. See, whenever I fly, I have to take decongestant pills so my ears don't explode. So when I was getting ready to board the plane and realized my pills weren't in my pocket, that wasn't exactly a welcome realization. Providentially, the pills I had taken earlier that morning and the night before were sufficient enough to keep me from having ear fireworks. Or maybe it was because I landed 5800 feet higher than when I started.

I found it funny that there were signs in Denver's airport directing passengers to tornado shelters. I mean, that is something that will never be seen anywhere in Oregon. So when the announcement came over the intercom that the National Weather Service had issued a tornado warning that included the Denver International Airport, I was rather shocked. Next thing I knew, I was spending 30 minutes in the men's restroom (the tornado shelter) hearing the same annoying pre-recorded announcement about the tornado warning over and over and over again. I called my mom, the tornado stories television program connoisseur, to inform her I was in a real-life tornado situation (much to her obvious shock). Also, my aunt was on her way to the airport to pick me up. All this, and I had only been in Denver for less than an hour.

After about 30 minutes, there was finally a new announcement saying that the threat of a tornado was no longer. Turns out that three tornadoes had actually formed and one touched down, but apparently it didn't do any damage. Eventually, I was able to retrieve my luggage and meet my aunt who took me to my grandma's house.

It's always nice to see family you rarely get to see, so the rest of my evening was mostly just visiting and catching up. But as my aunt said, I have just arrived and it's already a vacation that I will never forget.

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