Sunday, March 23, 2014

God Alone

God has done, and continues to do, such amazing things in my life. But I have to ask myself today: Is my focus on the gift or the Giver?

Sometimes it is just too easy to focus too much on what God is doing. Oh, focus on this is valid, since what He's doing is kind of the most important part of my life I can experience. And He wants to teach so much through these experiences.

But I should never forget that the reason He does these things and teaches so much through them is because He wants to draw me to Himself. He wants me to know Him more and to place all my trust and cares on Him.

The sad part is when I get so focused on the things He does I lose sight of Him. I pray all about seeing the miracles and the victories, I fail to bow down before the victor and miracle-worker and give Him the praise He deserves. I forget that even if He didn't do these things or reveal Himself to me in this way, He is still worthy of the praise. He is God, and that never changes.

Fortunately, He doesn't chastise me for getting off track. Instead, He gently draws me back to Himself. It is a beautiful thing how He shows his grace and mercy so clearly. He wants to draw me back so that I can behold the majesty of who He is, be awed by the fact that He would do such amazing things in my life, and then proceed back into His marvelous plan together.

In Exodus 20:3, God says, "You shall have no other gods before Me." We usually think of this as meaning abstaining from idol-worship, or even more broadly any form of faith that is not the worship of the One True God. But the gist of it is that anything that is not God becomes a "god before Him," even the miracles He does. We need to make sure we are worshiping God alone and nothing else. The other wonderful things should just draw our attention back to being in awe of God and worshiping Him more.

Lord, thank You that you so mercifully look past my misplaced focus, and that You graciously draw me back to Yourself. Let all my attention be focused on how great You are, and let every thought seek to worship and glorify You, the Author of all things bright and beautiful.