Thursday, October 30, 2014

Whose Idea Was That?

What if I told you that I had a really good idea. It involved us all going to Krispy Kreme and each buying a dozen beautiful original glazed donuts and eating the whole box within 45 minutes so that we could achieve a new level of holiness. Would you believe me?

Hopefully you wouldn't. If you did, I would hope you would be checking out more blogs related to your drug addiction problem.

But seriously, it's a crazy idea. No one in their right mind would follow along with someone teaching that a new level of spiritual elevation could be reached by doing something as crazy as eating donuts. Donuts are pretty amazing, but not that amazing.

However, whole religions have been formed because some genius said, "Hey, let's do this!" and like sheep the people followed. This is what we call a false teacher, and they are always with us unfortunately. For example, some guy found this set of "holy glasses" that helped him read hidden scriptures which revealed a "new revelation" of the Bible. And now, today, millions of people follow the cult of Mormonism. Or how about that one lady who somehow missed the part where God told Peter that all meats, as well as all peoples, are clean. So Seventh-Day Adventists don't eat meat to this day (unless they're really hungry).

I constantly harp on knowing God's truth, and there are so many reasons why you should. Maybe you thought you had a good idea about God. Did you cross-check it against what Scripture says? If you didn't you may surely be leading people astray. Or maybe you heard something that sounded like a wonderful idea from someone else. Did you check to see if this person got the idea from the Bible? If they didn't, you have surely been led astray.

God gave us His written Word so we don't have to wonder about these things. He gave it to us and gave us the opportunity to mass-distribute it so that we have no excuse about knowing the truth. Will we understand and comprehend all things related to life and God? No! But we have all that we need to be able to stand firm against Satan's attempts to deceive us.

This is why you all need to make it a habit of reading your Bible every day. Without doing so, you are making yourself susceptable to deception. I thought I knew what the Bible said through the teachers and the preachers, but then I started reading it myself daily and it took on a whole new level of impact on my life.

Why am I saying this? Because on this blog I do say a lot of things freely without giving a Bible reference with it. I try if I can, but I often lose my flow as a writer if I stop and take five minutes to find where that verse is that I know. The reason I can do this is because I know my Bible pretty well, enough that as I am writing here I can hear some verse in my head that relates to this. If I think that the reference is that important that it needs to be stated, I will do that. But I try to make everything I say here be in agreement with scripture. If you have any questions about something in particular I have said, please ask and I will find the reference. I don't wish to lead anyone astray.

But I want you all to understand that God's Word is all you need to be able to withstand doubt, tempation and false teaching, but you need to know the Word. The only way you can know it is if you spend time daily meditating on it and letting it become a foundational part of your life. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't eat bacon without checking it against scripture to see whether they are right or wrong.

(Spoiler alert: they are wrong. Bacon is a true gift from God. [<= that is my opinion.])

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