Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Random Thoughts, 6/4

Faith doesn't seek proof. Faith seeks results.

It doesn't look for things to validate its existence. It expects to see only the highest quality produce come from its existence and is disappointed if it produces anything less.

Sometimes things happen to test our faith. Evil likes to throw things at a weak Christian, trying to get him to question his faith, which turns his attention toward his faith and away from the Object of his faith.

I've had really cool things happen in my life and been able to point to the sky and say, "This is what my God does." I've found myself unsurprised about these miracles, proving that I had no doubt it could happen.

But there are times, like right now, when things happen to test our faith, things that frankly suck. It hurts to see people I love hurt, I would say unjustly.

But God has a plan. This is easy to say when the circumstances are good. When they're not so wonderful, I write this with a gulp and a sigh. Yet I know it to be true.

I want the faith of Abraham. He knew he wasn't being tested by evil; he was really being tested by God (in the case of offering Isaac). God wasn't trying to see if Abraham's faith was strong. He knew it was and wanted to show the world for all of time.

God, give me that faith. I want to be able to prove that my faith is valid by demanding results from it and expecting nothing less. I want You to be able to hold me up as an example of faith like You did with Abraham. That's the faith God wants in His people. God has been so faithful, why should I doubt now?

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