Friday, July 19, 2013

Bluetooth Keyboard

My blogging as of late has been next to nonexistent. Until I realized I just needed some sort of tool to make it more convenient.

A few months ago, my mother bought me a small keyboard for my phone that connects via Bluetooth. It seemed cool at the time, but just like many of the other cool things, it ended up sitting untouched in its box for a few months.

When I got my phone back in January, I knew that I had no excuse for not blogging because of the convenience of my Blogger app. However, while the portability of the app did prove to be convenient, typing on the touch screen keyboard added a level of annoyance that made the experience less than pleasureable. And while the voice recognition made it easier at home, when I was away its use was obviously impossible. So, therefore, the blog entries both here and on my Transit Rider PDX blog dwindled.

Jump to last night. I had an epiphany. This cool little device sitting in its box somewhere downstairs would make typing up blog entries on the go a whole lot easier. So I packed up the box and took it to work with me today to charge it and see if it connects. And behold, it works! It's still a bit slower typing than on a normal keyboard, but it sure beats the touch screen. (Plus it has arrow keys, which my Galaxy SIII's keyboard doesn't.)
What's the big deal? Well, I know that God has made it clear that both of my blogs are super-important to His big plan. I've known this for years. But every time I go to make the effort, something comes up that holds me back from following through and writing blog posts. These hindrances have taken many forms, from failures that make me think I'm not good enough for writing, to just how to get the picture of my phone onto this post. (Obviously, this requires use of another camera; this conundrum caused the delay of another day while writing this post.) This is even the third incarnation of this very blog: the first lasted seven posts and then went away, while the second never saw the light of the WWW day.

I have already seen how God has been using my bus blog to make a difference in both my life and the rest of the TriMet world. However, I have always known that this particular blog is one of my primary ministries, as it is a place where I can speak about all that God is revealing to me and all the incredible things that He's doing my life. So it behooves me to make the effort to follow through with this blogging, as it is way more important than what it may seem when I'm doing it.

I should be posting at least twice a week here. If I'm not, shoot me a comment on a post and ask me where I've been. Because unless I'm at Royal Family Kids Camp where we only have access to our phones for three hours a day, I have no excuse for not posting to this blog. It's part of my ministry! 

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